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Rosa floribunda

Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala ®

Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala ®

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There are many varieties of rose damascena with which you can make jam and other rose-scented products, but if you want to produce rose essential oil, then it is mandatory to grow the “Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala” (Rosa Damascena P. Miller).

The flowers of this Damascus rose bush are very fragrant, and with them you obtain 30% more essential oil than with other roses in the damask family. “Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala” is cultivated for the production of essential oil and rose water in Bulgaria (Kazanlak), Iran (Kashan) or Turkey (Isparta). The volatile oil is used in the perfume, cosmetics industry. or for pharmaceutical purposes.

Due to the exceptional fragrance of its flowers, the petals of this rose are used to make exceptionally aromatic jam, syrup, infusions and other rose-scented products, which contribute to our health and well-being.

We offer our customers variety rooting guarantee. For the establishment of commercial plantations, please contact us. You will get discounts for orders of more than 50 seedlings and, in addition, we will provide you with professional advice and advice for establishing plantations and growing rose bushes in large areas.

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