Dear rose lovers, we welcome you!

I know that we share a great passion: roses. And for us, talking about them, about what fills us with happiness every day, is always a pleasure.

In fact, we often comment that we have one of the most beautiful businesses in the world and that we are lucky to have some amazing customers. Because everyone, from simple gardeners to great connoisseurs and lovers of roses, has in common our taste for beauty.

For you, our customers, we try daily to find and offer the most beautiful and valued roses in the world directly from the great suppliers. We are talking about famous creators such as Meilland Richardier, Georges Delbard, Kordes, Tantau or David Austin. We are talking about original copies, with the guarantee of AUTHENTICITY offered by these great producers from countries such as France, Germany or England.

Every year we discover new exceptional varieties, recognized in international competitions where they have obtained gold medals for their incredible perfume or beauty, their surprising colors or their repeated and abundant flowering. In this way, we can offer rose lovers in Romania and throughout Europe a complete range of roses of superior quality.

As we are in constant contact with our customers, we are well aware of the problems they face when purchasing rose bushes. We have also suffered them at the beginning. For example, rose bushes do not root. Or you plant a climber that supposedly produces stunning red flowers and it turns out you grow white flowers.

Taking this into account, and since we are confident in the quality of our products, we want all our customers to benefit from a GUARANTEE of rooting and variety (color). If a rose bush does not take root or is not suitable, it will be replaced free of charge.

You should also know that in everything we have done, do and will do, exceptional quality has been, is and will be our golden rule. It is, if you want, the essence of our offer. We are convinced that ethics and a job well done are vital to the success of the company, and that is why we respect these principles rigorously.

Well, like I told you, it's a pleasure to talk about what we do every day :) So, if you still have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to write or call us. Until then, we wish you a pleasant walk through our online garden.

May you have a day full of color and aroma! :)

Viaceslav BUHNA