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Rosa floribunda

Rhapsody in Blue ®

Rhapsody in Blue ®

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In the photograph opposite we can see a beautiful floribunda with abundant flowers that, as its name, “Rhapsody in Blue”, indicates, should be blue. Although it is clear to everyone that they are neither blue nor bluish, but rather violet.

But this is precisely the grace of this wonderful rose bush, endowed by Mother Nature with an exceptional color. When admired up close, it has a violet-purple color with a white center and yellow stamens, semi-double and very soft to the touch. But seen from a distance, it looks blue.

For us at Famous Roses, “Rhapsody in Blue” is both blue and violet. It is blue when we admire it from afar contrasting with the red of blueberries or the intense and velvety red of other roses, or with the orange and lemon yellow of other wonders in our nursery. But it is also violet-purple when planted alone or when we approach it to feel its soft and delicate petals or to enjoy its intense perfume.

And speaking of color games, its dark green foliage is attractive both up close and from afar, and the plant can reach a height in its adult stage of 100-120 cm.

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