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Rosa floribunda francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Leonardo da Vinci ® Network

Leonardo da Vinci ® Network

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The “red period of the rosy movement” has a notable representative in the romantic creation of the Meilland Richardier House dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. A vivid, velvety, lightly scented creation , with an exuberant appearance, that aspires to be the highlight in any floral art gallery of any art lover who knows how to appreciate a masterpiece.

The flowers of the “Red Leonardo da Vinci” variety, painted in a vibrant cranberry red hue, promise to be there forever, as this rose bush blooms so frequently that it is said to have a permanent bloom. The diameter of the flowers is approximately 6-8 cm and each flower has more than 90 petals, which gives it an impression of wealth and abundance, as well as great durability. Due to the abundance of well-branched lateral branches, its crown is dense, compact and full.

For our joy and that of our customers, Famous Roses now exclusively offers the “Red Leonardo da Vinci” collection in Romania. But since the number is limited, it is best to order them immediately as stocks run out quickly. We deliver in the safest conditions and offer a rooting guarantee.

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