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Rosa floribunda inglesa creada por David Austin

Princess Alexandra of Kent ®

Princess Alexandra of Kent ®

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It is impossible to remain silent before the “Princess Alexandra of Kent”, not to talk about its beauty when relatives or friends come to visit and are impressed by this wonder that grows so beautifully in your garden.

This floribunda rose bush, like most varieties created by the great David Austin in England, is simply stunning. And it is impossible to ignore it and change the subject without mentioning its fresh lemon fragrance, the abundance of its deep pink flowers with approximately 100-120 petals, the extraordinary spectacles it offers every time it blooms throughout the entire season. , or its healthy foliage that can reach a height of 120-140 cm in its adult stage.

We know what the “Princess Alexandra of Kent” rose bush looks like. And we know that every time someone comes to visit or when a simple garden party is held, this wonderful floribunda will become the center of attention, the rose bush in front of which everyone will stop to admire its beauty.

We know all these things because we often talk about “Princess Alexandra of Kent” when partners, clients or friends come to visit our nursery.

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