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Rosal trepador creada por Armand Garcon

Madame Isaac Pereire ®

Madame Isaac Pereire ®

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We have a kind request from the great creator Armand Garcon regarding a simply fascinating, imposing and elegant rose bush. And what we ask of you is that you receive it in your garden and admire it in each of its repeated blooms throughout the entire season.

Of course, your gesture will be rewarded with spectacles of color and perfume, and also with delicious rose jams. Because it is a very prolific rose bush in the production of petals for jam. Its flowers are large, with approximately 50 fuchsia-pink petals, and, in its adult stage, “Madame Isaac Pereire” can reach a height of 180-200 cm.

Find a special place in your garden where this beautiful rose bush feels at home. We promise you that you will be enchanted by its beauty.

At Famous Roses, we are very happy to receive this climber in our nursery, and we are even happier when it reaches the hands of those who know how to appreciate such beauty.

Their jam, by the way, is truly dreamy. And this is very remarkable, because there are not many rose bushes that produce petals for jam, or if they do, they do not do it as well as “Madame Isaac Pereire”.

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