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Rosa floribunda francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Leonardo da Vinci®

Leonardo da Vinci®

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We have the great pleasure of inviting you to a rose exhibition in your garden, an event that takes place every year from spring until the first frost. You will discover, one by one, delicate works of art that in this case you can touch; in fact, we encourage you to do so. Then, we will ask you to stop in front of one of the romantic masterpieces that the Meilland Richardier house has accustomed us to. We are referring to that living work of art titled "The Rose", in capital letters, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

This amazing creation, named after the great painter, is a unique rose bush in every way, with its flowers of more than 90 petals in a truly enchanting bengal pink color.

Another reason why the “Leonardo da Vinci” rose bush deserves a prominent place in your “art gallery” is its repeated and abundant flowering. A rose lover wrote to us saying that it produces more flowers than leaves. In addition, it has a high resistance to low temperatures and diseases, a fact corroborated by its ADR certification, a title awarded only to the most resistant rose bushes in the world. And speaking of awards, the “Leonardo da Vinci” rose bush can also boast a Gold Medal in Monza, an honor that further certifies its beauty.

At Famous Roses, we ensure that this rose bush reaches rose enthusiasts in optimal condition. Therefore, we take great care in its delivery and offer a rooting guarantee. And one more thing, if you love roses as much as you love works of art, we also recommend taking a look at the Red Leonardo da Vinci 

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