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Rosa floribunda francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Lady Romantica ®

Lady Romantica ®

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From the hands of the great creator Meilland Richardier, rose bushes have always emerged that are like jewels whose brilliance has filled the hearts of many rose lovers with joy and has turned the simplest gardens into absolutely fabulous ones.

This is the case of “Lady Romantica”, a rose bush that one should give to oneself, since it will be compensated with small surprises every time it blooms throughout the season: from spring, when its abundant flowering offers us a impressive spectacle of color, until late autumn.

Its double creamy white flowers with approximately 120 petals and a diameter of 8 cm make this rose bush a warm and welcoming presence, which you can enjoy when you get home, since the “Lady Romantica” will always be there to welcome you with her innocence and warmth.

At Famous Roses, we are happy every time we receive an order from “Lady Romantica,” because we know that wherever she goes, she will bring a lot of joy.

In its adult stage, the “Lady Romantica” can reach a height of 60-100 cm.

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