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Rosal trepador francesa creada por Georges Delbard

Julie Andrieu ®

Julie Andrieu ®

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Julie Andrieu, food critic and television presenter, deserves to have a rose bush named after her. At least that's what Georges Delbard, the great creator, thought, offering us this elegant and refined variety so that rose lovers around the world can enrich their gardens with a presence full of energy.

“Julie Andrieu” is a romantic and attractive rose bush, with exceptional foliage in shades of dark green, created to give your garden a feminine touch. Its flowers in shades of yellow and orange with pink veins have more than 80 petals, and give off an exceptional fruity perfume . It is a vigorous climbing rose that can reach a height of 1.5-2.0 m in its adult stage. In addition, it blooms repeatedly throughout the season, from May until the first frosts.

Recommended for obtaining cut flowers for vase or floral arrangements. The cut flower lasts approximately 5 days.

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