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Rosa floribunda francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Jean Cocteau ®

Jean Cocteau ®

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Only an original and extremely talented rose bush could be dedicated to this great name in French culture. “Jean Cocteau” combines generous and abundant flowering from May until the first frosts, with regular growth and infallible resistance. As if in a story, this delicate rose bush will captivate you with its many talents. From late spring to early winter, the JEAN COCTEAU rose bush blooms again and again profusely and continuously.

The flowers, in groups of 2 to 7, unfold their 25-27 petals in fluffy corollas with a unique and special relief. This original shape is enhanced by its novel "two-tone inverted" color: the obverse (front part) of the petal, an intense ocher orange with pink nuances, is lighter than the reverse. When fully open, the flowers leave see their stamens, which bees and other insects enjoy visiting.

On the other hand, “Jean Cocteau” proves to be a force of nature. With vigorous and balanced growth, it forms an elegant plant that reaches a height of approximately 80-90 cm. Its beautiful bright green leaves have excellent disease resistance: A godsend for a garden without chemical treatments!

In international competitions, the “Jean Cocteau” rose bush has not gone unnoticed, having obtained a great harvest of awards and medals: Paris Bagatelle Certificate of Merit in 2007; Gold Medal, Rose of the Year and Rose of Journalists in Monza (Italy) in 2008; Audience Award at Le Roeulx (Belgium) in 2008; Grande Rose du Siècle in Lyon in 2009; Best Floribunda Gold Standard (UK) in 2010; Best Floribunda in Asheville / Biltmore (North Carolina, USA) in 2014; Best Floribunda and Silver Medal in Adelaide (Australia) in 2015; Rose Hills Gold Medal (USA) in 2017; ART: American Rose Trials for Sustainability: Local Artist in 2020; variety labeled LABEL ROUGE.

Due to its numerous qualities, “Jean Cocteau” adapts to any use in the garden. Whether alone, in groups of 3 plants, in flower beds, as a hedge or in a large pot on the patio or terrace, it stands out everywhere!

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