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Rosal trepador alemana creada por W. Kordes‘ Söhne

Florentina ®

Florentina ®

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Quickly rising on the list of our preferences and that of great rose lovers around the world, the “Florentina” rose bush always manages to be the center of attention in any garden. This magnificent variety offers floral displays throughout the season, and together with the rest of the flowers in your garden it will delight you with authentic spectacles of color.

This is precisely what the great Kordes intended when he created this climber in Germany with large, lush flowers, of an intense and romantic red; It is, without a doubt, the perfect rose bush for any home, archway, path or garden worth making shine.

It is a robust, floriferous variety and very resistant to cold and pests. In fact, it won the ADR award for the most beautiful rose bush with great disease resistance , among many other awards at international fairs.

Therefore, we are talking not only about a famous rose bush, but also one that has been awarded all over the world. Although, obviously, you are not going to appreciate it for that, but for its great beauty. Its flowers, with a diameter of 8-9 cm and up to 70 petals, and the elegant perfume they give off, make it a rose bush that you will want to have in your home. Additionally, it can be easily grown in large decorative pots, blooming repeatedly throughout the season.

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