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Rosal trepador francesa creada por Meilland Richardier



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If you had in front of your eyes an immense field of rose bushes of all varieties, all colors, all shapes, and someone told you that you could only take home one, you would probably choose the “Eyeconic”, the dream creation of the Meilland Richardier house. And it is understandable. Because this rose bush easily stands out for its surprising similarity to hibiscus flowers. Plus, who wouldn't want their terrace or garden to look like a Polynesian atoll?

The flowering of this miniature climbing rose is early, covered with intense yellow flowers with a purple-red hue in the center. If grown in a pot, it will reach a height of 50-60 cm, while, if planted in the ground, the “Eyeconic” can reach 120-150 cm. It blooms repeatedly throughout the season.

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