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Rosal trepador francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose) ®

Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose) ®

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For experts , the “Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose)” variety, which won the Rose of the Year award in 2018, is the undisputed star of any garden, placing itself, thanks to its imposing presence and the spectacle it displays, in the most high on the ladder, surely on the throne of the kingdom of flowers .

There is no doubt that this rose deserves the recognition it has received. From the moment it blooms, its pink destiny is to conquer anyone who comes to know it. Both in the period from May to June, a favorable time to enjoy the spectacle of its magical floral explosion , and later, during the summer, when you feel that nothing stands in your way. It brightens our existence with its seductive colors in shades of creamy white and carmine pink with the promise of accompanying us for years, whether forming an elegant embroidery around the house or standing in the center of the garden as an idol for the rest of the flowers.

In 2006, the climbing rose “Pierre de Ronsard” was awarded the distinction Rose Favorite du Monde Entier (everyone's favorite rose) by the World Federation of Rose Societies. A relevant and highly appreciated distinction. But the most important prize is always the appreciation of rose lovers around the world, that is, those who also call it “Eden Rose”. And that is exactly what “Pierre de Ronsard” is: a rose bush of paradise! Because it brings us, in each flowering, a corner of paradise to earth. Our clients know what we say, and they totally agree with us.

Recommended for obtaining cut flowers for vase or floral arrangements. The cut flower lasts approximately 5-7 days.

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