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Rosa floribunda inglesa creada por David Austin



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It did not take long for this creation signed by David Austin in the year 2000 to be appreciated by gardeners around the world. The “Crocus” rose bush first flowered in thousands of English gardens and later spread to many other countries, and is widely considered a fascinating variety. 

We, at Famous Roses, are deeply happy to have managed to bring the great and incomparable “Crocus” to our nursery. But we are even happier that it has reached, with our help, the homes of many rose lovers throughout the country. 

And the opinions are very favorable. Many clients have assured us that the “Crocus” is a rose bush that cannot be missing in any garden. Elegant, delicate and always welcoming to all those who stop to admire it. 

As can be seen in the photograph accompanying the text, the “Crocus” has a great abundance of flowers in warm white colors with a yellow-orange center. A shame that photography cannot also convey its light and seductive fragrance.

Otherwise, the beautiful rose bush we are talking about blooms repeatedly from the month of May until the first frosts, and the plant can reach a height of 100-120 cm in its adult stage. 

Recommended for obtaining cut flowers for vase or floral arrangements. The cut flower lasts approximately 5 days.

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