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Rosal trepador alemana creada por W. Kordes‘ Söhne

Climbing Iceberg ®

Climbing Iceberg ®

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The famous Kordes created in 1958, in Germany, a white suit to dress the gardens of the world every season. Because the wonder we are talking about, the climber adored by thousands of gardeners, has a simply extraordinary flowering. Like never seen before. Something that only nature can design.

“Climbing Iceberg” produces a large number of clusters of delicate white flowers, sometimes with pink tones, that you can enjoy all season long. In fact, we can assure you that you will need an entire season to contemplate and caress the dozens, hundreds of white flowers that will brighten the panorama you will see from your home.

We invite you, therefore, to dress up a corner of your garden, decorate a fence or frame a door; You can also create a special place where the “Climbing Iceberg” can grow and shine, a place that enhances your entire garden. We are sure you will congratulate yourself on your choice.

“Climbing Iceberg” is a fast-growing, vigorous and dense climbing rose, which can reach a height of 450-500 cm.

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