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Rosa floribunda

Burgundy Iceberg ®

Burgundy Iceberg ®

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The “Burgundy Iceberg” is not just a rose bush. It's more than that. It is the rubric you were looking for for your garden. If you have already decorated your paths with different varieties of rose bushes with vibrant colors never seen before, and you are ready to give that last touch to complete the entire work, the “Burgundy Iceberg” could be exactly what you are looking for .

Of course, the options are numerous and the decision is difficult to make, since each shade of color represents what you feel and, above all, what you want to express. But if you think that a violet combined with burgundy red surrounded by semi-glossy foliage could make your garden a real fairy tale, you should know more about the wonderful variety of floribunda rose bush.

“Burgundy Iceberg” is a common component in the palette of rose lovers who see their garden as a kind of gallery open throughout the season. Its flowers are of an exceptional violet color, with the reverse of the petal lighter and the stamens in a burgundy red tone, they have between 26 and 40 petals, and grow in small groups harmoniously arranged on semi-glossy foliage. In its mature stage, the plant can reach a height of between 70 and 90 cm.

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