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Rosa híbrida de té francesa creada por Meilland Richardier

Alain Souchon ®

Alain Souchon ®

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The creators of roses are, although they have not published any books, true poets whose creations are savored verse by verse, petal by petal, in the circles of rose lovers. Their pens only write for those who are prepared, those who have the gift of understanding that roses are poetry on this earth.

One of the most representative and award-winning works of these rose creators is the “Alain Souchon” rose bush, a variety with an intense and full perfume that, depending on the climate and other external conditions, brings us aromas of strawberries, anise or fresh raspberries. The juries of Roeulx, Buenos Aires, Saverne and Tokyo consider that the “Alain Souchon” rose bush is the creation most deserving of applause, especially for the abundance of its flowers, even between the different waves of flowering.

Another outstanding feature of this masterpiece is the uniqueness of each of its flowers, all of them a luminous purple-red, with more than 100 petals. The “Alain Souchon” belongs to the type of work that cannot be missing in the "library" of any gardener. Nor in the home of any rose lover, since its cut flowers last in the vase for more than a week. This rose bush is one of the most resistant to heat and disease, which makes it immortal, at least in our hearts.

Recommended for obtaining cut flowers for vase or floral arrangements. The cut flower lasts approximately 5-7 days.

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