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Rosa floribunda inglesa creada por David Austin

Abraham Darby ®

Abraham Darby ®

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Sun-loving rose bushes are one of our favorites here at Famous Roses. Their connection with the sun is evident, it can be seen with the naked eye, especially when they bloom and provide brightness and warmth to the garden.

You can enjoy the beauty of the “Abraham Darby” rose bush, the work of the famous British creator David Austin, at any time of the day. However, many rose enthusiasts have told us that the apricot orange, coral pink and yellow tones of its large cup-shaped flowers with approximately 70 petals are best seen at dusk. It seems like something magical happens at that moment. The entire garden takes on a reddish-orange appearance and, among all the rose bushes, the “Abraham Darby” shines the brightest.

Being a great lover of the sun, this magnificent floribunda seems to absorb the light all day long, which may explain the fact that it is one of the most radiant rose bushes. As for its intense and rich fruit fragrance, we can only say that it is a pleasure for us to perceive its fresh notes every time we come to take care of it.

If you already have an “Abraham Darby” in your garden, you will perfectly understand our admiration for this rose bush. If not, we invite you to find out; We're sure you won't regret this inspired choice.

One more thing! You should also know that “Abraham Darby” is a rose bush that blooms repeatedly throughout the season and can reach a height of 1.3-1.5 m in its adult stage.

Recommended for obtaining cut flowers for vase or floral arrangements. The cut flower lasts approximately 5 days.

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